The Bat! Voyager Final RePack

The Bat! Voyager is a mobile mail client that works with any portable media: “flash drives”, converters from USB to IDE, and so on. The Bat! Voyager is designed to receive and send messages from any computer.

The program will save your personal email templates, protect mail from viruses, worms and other malicious programs. The Bat! Voyager encrypts your password database with a password, that is, makes your personal data really personal.

The Bat! on a portable media, the ideal solution for users working remotely or traveling, helps to stay connected while away from the office. If the portable media is lost or stolen – the non-disclosure of your data is guaranteed. Having lost a “flash drive”, you lose only an inexpensive carrier of information, because all correspondence is stored in the backup files that you make on stationary computers. Restoring data from a backup to the “flash drive” takes only a few minutes.

With The Bat! Voyager you will get the opportunity:
>>> Write and send letters from any computer
>>> Make a search on the mail database at any time
>>> Keep mailing lists always at hand
>>> Keep my templates
>>> Protect mail database and address books with encryption
>>> Secure your mail from viruses and other malicious programs and much more

RePack features:
Type: unpacking
Languages: ML
Cut: nothing
Activation: carried out

Command switches lines:
• Quiet unpacking: / S
• You can also select the directory to install: After all the keys, you must add / D =% path% Example: setup_file.exe / S / D = C: \ Program

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 8 / Vista / XP / 7/10
Interface : ML / English
Medicine : Healed
Size : 13 MB