FileMenu Tools 7.5 Repack / Portable free software download

FileMenu Tools configures the Windows Explorer context menu items, allowing you to compile a list of the commands you need . With a single click, you can rename, copy, move, delete files, run the necessary programs, copy the selection to the clipboard, call up an antivirus scanner, open Internet links and much more.

This application allows you to perform a variety of operations with files and folders with just one click, they can not only copy, move, but also archive, run and perform countless other operations. The entire list of commands can be easily customized to your needs, there would be a desire, the rest can be done. FileMenu Tools offers a nice and easy-to-use user interface, it is executed in a tree-like style, on the right is a list of the main commands at the top of the tab on which you can switch and get new functions.

The program offers built-in utilities for specific file types, any user can customize their own commands, using which you can run external applications with predefined parameters, you can completely edit the “Send” menu, you can also turn on and off the already installed items in the context menu by other programs .

With this program you can greatly simplify standard actions, for example, copy and move files can be much faster, you can synchronize directories too, you can quickly change the attributes of a file, you can easily delete locked files.

Features of repackaging FileMenu Tools:
1. Installing the program in a single distribution or unpacking the portable version (PortableApps format)
2. Registration is not required (patch RadiXX11)
3. Interface language Russian / English (the rest are deleted)
4. Ability to pick up the user’s settings file settings. reg (for installation) or settings.ini (for portable)

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 8 / Vista / XP / 7/10
Interface : MULTi / English
Size : 13.3 MB