Google Earth Pro RePack / Portable free software download

Google Earth provides an opportunity to see a close-up of any part of the world, and some places to explore from a distance of several meters. Shows satellite images, including a relief with three-dimensional reconstruction of buildings. You can find routes and businesses using Google Maps and mark places or draw on maps directly in Google Earth.

• A three-dimensional model of the globe with satellite images, maps and other data applied to it.
• Virtual camera, thanks to which the user can easily get to any point of the Earth.
• Explore not only the Earth, but also the Moon with Mars.
• Interactive 3D models of buildings and other large objects.
• Names of settlements, streets, geographical objects, airports, roads …
• Tags and photos of users.
• Distance measurement function.
• Ability to save Google Earth search, settings and bookmarks.
• Ability to view images of outer space, models of the Moon and Mars.
• The mode of viewing streets of cities and other settlements.
• Advantages: search for businesses and routes, a variety of different layers, complete freedom of movement.
• Google Earth automatically picks up images and other data necessary for the user from the Internet, stores them in the computer’s memory and on the hard disk for later use. The downloaded data is stored on the disk, and the next time you start the program, only new data is downloaded, which saves you a lot of traffic.
• To visualize the image, a three-dimensional model of the entire globe (taking into account the altitude above sea level) is used, which is displayed on the screen using DirectX or OpenGL interfaces. It is in the three-dimensionality of the landscapes of the Earth’s surface that the main difference between the Google Earth program and its predecessor Google Maps is located. The user can easily navigate anywhere in the world by controlling the position of the “virtual camera”.
• Virtually the entire surface of the land is covered with images obtained from DigitalGlobe, and have a resolution of 15 m per pixel. There are separate areas of the surface (usually covering the capitals and some major cities in most countries of the world), which have more detailed permission. For example, Moscow was taken with a resolution of 0.6 m / pc, and many cities in the US – with a resolution of 0.15 m / pc. The terrain data has a resolution of the order of 100 m.
• There is also a huge amount of additional data that can be connected as desired by the user. For example, names of settlements, water bodies, airports, roads, railway, etc. information. In addition, for many cities there are more detailed information – street names, shops, refueling, hotels, etc. There is a geodatabase (synchronized via the Internet with the appropriate database), which shows (with spatial reference) links to articles from Wikipedia. In Russia you can see the street names of all cities in the central regions.
• Users can create their own labels and overlay their images over satellite ones (these can be maps, or more detailed images obtained from other sources). These tags can be exchanged with other users of the program through the Google Earth Community forum. Sent to this forum tags become after about a month are visible to all users of Google Earth.
• The program has a layer of “3D Buildings”, with three-dimensional models, added by developers or by users, through the service 3D Warehouse. In the cities of Russia you can find models of some significant monuments of architecture.
• Distance measurement function.
• Technology Google Sky, which allows you to view the starry sky.
• Ability to view a three-dimensional map of the bottom of the seas and oceans.
Features of the Pro-version:
• The program has a built-in flight simulator (you have to press Ctrl + Alt + a to start).
• View data layers for demographics, land plots and traffic congestion (USA).
• Advanced GIS import capabilities.
• Measurement of the area, length and perimeter of land.
• Print screenshots in high resolution.
• Create stunning offline movies.

Features of repackaging:
1. Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (PortableApps format) version
2. Interface languages ​​Russian / English / Ukrainian (the rest are deleted)
3. Picks up the external settings.reg file (if located next to the installer)

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 8 / Vista / XP /
10/7 Interface : ML / English
Medicine : Not required
Size : 77.3 MB

Advanced SystemCare Pro Portable free software download

 Advanced SystemCare is one of the best system programs for comprehensive optimization and operating system of your computer. The program will allow you to find and fix all the existing errors in the system, and even improve the overall level of PC performance.

Advanced SystemCare can analyze and optimize system settings, conduct a good defragmentation of hard disks, clean and optimize the system registry is also possible, the program will run in the background without interfering with the work on the computer, also protect you from spyware and malware, clean hard disks of all sorts garbage, find and fix all system errors, remove all traces of being on the Internet, delete and add to the startup programs you need, configure the Internet connection. Advanced SystemCare has a nice user interface.

· Increase the performance and reliability of the system
· Powerful defragmentation and optimization of hard drives
· Cleaning and optimizing the system registry
· Automatic work in the background
· Protecting the system from spyware and malware
· Quick and complete cleaning of hard disks from debris
· Improving the performance of your PC
Correcting many system errors

What the program does
* Your computer will work like new
* Accelerates, cleans and repairs everything problems in 1 click
* Protects against spyware and adware
* Accelerates PC boot, Internet connection and overall performance

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 10/8
Interface : ML / English
Medicine : Healed
Size : 70.2 MB

Astra Image PLUS (x32 / x64) Portable free software download

Astra Image PLUS 5 is a graphics editor that allows you to sharpen and increase the resolution of digital images. Thanks to the new image processing technology, the program will help to improve and restore the color and brightness scale of the image.

In addition, the application allows you to calculate statistical image data, produce histograms, view metadata, receive images from a scanner or camera, and print them.

Main features:
»» »Restoring blurry images
» »» The ability to turn good images into fantastic ones
»» »Using modern tools to sharpen the image
» »» Easy-to-use interface allows you to improve the image quality in a matter of minutes
»» »The ability to quickly make excellent printouts
» »» Support 24/48-bit color
»» »Save color balance in all image processing functions
and much more …

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 8/10 / XP / Vista / 7
Interface : English.
Medicine : Not required
Size : 39.8 MB

Wise Care 365 Pro 4.81 Build 463 Final RePack / Portable free software download

Wise Care 365 Pro is a powerful software suite of system utilities all-in-one for optimizing, configuring and cleaning your PC. An excellent solution for improving system performance. It is possible to create a recovery point and a full copy of the registry.

Wise Care 365 Pro is able to quickly and safely clean the system registry, free up disk space, defragment the registry and hard disk, restore deleted files, block applications by setting a start password, optimize RAM, edit the list of autoloading applications and much more. There are additional options for hiding and encrypting important files or folders, optimizing your computer “in one click” and working on a schedule.

Application features:
· Cleaning, defragmenting and optimizing the Windows registry.
Defragment and free space on your hard drive.
· Delete the history of Internet pages visited, files used, etc.
· Recover lost files.
· Ability to hide important files and folders.
· Prevention of unauthorized use of personal data.
· Freeing up memory to improve the performance of games and software.
· “One Click Tune-up” option for fast computer optimization.
· High scanning speed.
Features of repackaging:
1. Installing the program combined in one distribution package or unpacking the portable version * (PortableApps format)
2. No registration required (key)
3. Language Russian / English / Ukrainian / Belarusian (rest deleted)
4. Contains 8 additional addons program (for installation only):
Wise is the Auto Shutdown, Wise is the Data of Recovery, Wise is the Force Deleter, Wise is the Game Booster,
Wise is JetSearch, Wise is the Memory Optimzer , Wise Reminder, Wise Uninstaller
5. Contains additional program themes
6. Ability to pick up user configuration files config.ini and exclusions.dat

Year : 2018
OS : Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 10/8
Interface : ML / English
Medicine : Healed
Size : 18 Mb

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery 4.7.0 RePack / Portable free software download

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery will allow you to restore data from the device to iOS. Can help restore photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, notes and other files directly from the iPhone or from a backup of iTunes and iCloud.

If you accidentally deleted important files on the iPhone, a jailbreak failed, a hardware or system failure, iPhone Data Recovery will recover deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, notes, etc. from the iPhone directly or help extract backup files from iTunes and iCloud to recover deleted files, so that you can save them to your computer with one simple click of the mouse.

This mobile expert offers 3 recovery modes to recover deleted files from iPhone, iPad and iPod: restore directly from the device, restore from a backup copy of iTunes and restore from a backup copy of iCloud. The program supports all devices and all versions of iOS.

• Support for the latest software and devices.
• Ability to extract a copy from a mobile device, from iTunes or iCloud.
• View contacts, call history, SMS and MMS, notes, reminders, voice messages, calendar events,
documents, photos, installed applications, WhatsApp messages, log of visited web pages,
favorite browser and much more.
• Can work offline and without iTunes.
• Export and print backup data.

Features of repackaging:
1. Combined in one distribution package installation program or unpacking portable (PortableApps format) version
2. Does not require registration (patch RadiXX11)
3. Language interface English (the rest are deleted)
4. Picks up the external settings.reg settings file (if nearby with the installer)

OS : Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 

Interface  : English 

Medicine : Healed
Size : 26,5Mb

Auslogics File Recovery RePack free full software download.

Auslogics File Recovery is a simple and effective to use program that is designed to recover accidentally deleted files, as well as files lost due to virus attacks or system crashes. With this program you can extract files from a failed flash media.

• Restore any type of files
• Convenient search system
• Support for flash memory cards
• Find data on remote partitions of the disk
• Ability to safely delete files

Recover deleted files
• Often we delete files and clean the Recycle Bin, and then we can not restore these files using the usual Windows tools. In addition, there is always the risk of losing important information due to virus actions or incorrect operations of a program. In any of the above cases, File Recovery – a program that recovers even hopelessly lost files – will come to your rescue.

Convenient search system
• You do not need much time to find the files you need. The File Recovery program allows you to specify detailed search criteria. For example, you can specify the file types and disks on which to search. If you remember when the files were last modified, set a certain date range. If you are looking for a specific file and remember at least part of its name, you can add it as a search criterion.

Searching for data on remote partitions
• Even if you have deleted a disk partition, File Recovery can find and restore the files you need. This applies even to those parts of the disk that you have already assigned to other partitions. The program can also find files on a formatted disk. In cases where only fast formatting was performed, there is a high probability of information recovery.

Safe delete
• File Shredder is another useful feature of the program that is useful to anyone who wants to remove confidential information from the disk quickly and without the possibility of recovery. Few people realize that files can usually be easily recovered using powerful programs like Auslogics File Recovery, even if the Recycle Bin has been cleaned. Files deleted with File Shredder can not be restored by any programs.

Deleting deleted files
• Unlike File Shredder, this tool erases previously deleted information in the usual manner on the entire disk. For greater security, Disk Wiper allows you to disable the System Restore service. Because this service monitors changes in files, disabling it ensures that new copies of files will not be created during the erasure process. Disk Wiper can also clean the end clusters and records in the MFT table.

Creating a disk image
• The program allows you to create a copy of your disk, saving all the information in a single file – the disk image. This function will be useful if you have deleted important files, but you do not have time to restore them and you need to continue working on the computer. In this case, by creating a copy of the disk, you prevent the erasure of lost files and at any time you can restore them directly from the disk image.

Support for different media types
• Auslogics File Recovery supports most common types of media. You can restore files that have been deleted from your computer, an external hard drive or a USB memory stick. And thanks to the support of flash drives, you can restore photos and videos deleted from your camcorder or camera.

Preview files
• The ability to preview files – another useful feature of the program File Recovery. With this function, you can view pictures, photos, videos, content of text and PDF documents right in the program window. This will allow you to select among the many files found only the ones you need and quickly restore them.
Features RePack’a:
Type: installation
Languages: Russian | English
Cut: none
Treatment: conducted

Command line switches:
• Silent installation of the version with the Russian interface: / S / R
• Silent installation of the version with the English interface: / S / E
• It is also possible to select the directory for the installation of https: //diakov.net/7263-adobe-speedgrade-cc-2015.html: After all keys, add / D =% path% Example: setup_file.exe / S / R / D = C : \ Program

Zoner Photo Studio A free full download

Zoner Photo Studio A universal photo editor that includes all the steps of managing photos required by every photographer: from importing photos to a PC, processing RAW files and adding effects to editing and organizing a photo collection, from creating panoramas and calendars to archiving and publishing.

A universal all-in-one solution provides the user with exceptional comfort during work without the need to constantly switch from one program to another. The professional version is designed for all advanced users of digital cameras and scanners who want to easily, quickly and efficiently process their photos. The program contains an extensive set of tools for the integrated processing of digital photos on a computer. Its quality will be appreciated by every experienced user of a digital camera.

You can achieve amazing effects:
• When creating panoramas
• When creating 3D images
• When converting to grayscale and other color manipulations
• When adjusting the flash
• When creating pictures and antique photos
• Adding waves and granularity
• Making photos with frames, lines, muted shadows, etc.

Receiving images:
• Supports all types of digital cameras (USB Mass Storage and Canon)
• Scanning through the TWAIN interface, downloading images from sites
• Advanced screen capture and data transfer from the clipboard
• Convert (“call”) format Canon RAW (CRW)

All to improve photographs and eliminate graphic defects:
• Edit exposure using levels and curves
• Edit colors, sharpen, clarify shadows
• Remove red-eye effect
• Reduction of noise and chromatic defects
• Correction of barrel and perspective
• Aligning the horizon and converging lines
• Retouching tools: clone stamp, ironing, brushing and pouring, turning and cropping
• Batch photo operations.

Features of repackaging:
1. Installing the program in a single distribution or unpacking the portable version (PortableApps format)
2. Registration does not require (patch rG)
3. Language of the interface Russian / English
4. Optional installation of the necessary libraries for MS Visual C ++ 2010/2017 (for installation)
5. Optional option to add ZPSTray to system startup
6. Optional option to add the program in the Send menu
7. Ability to pick up the custom settings.reg file


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15.00.05 RePack / Portable full download

 Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15.00.05 RePack / Portable download

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 is a powerful set of tools that are aimed at fine tuning the Windows operating system, you can also optimize it, clean it of all sorts of garbage, all this will lead to increased stability of your personal computer.

You do not need special knowledge or much time to make your computer as new! Let WinOptimizer help you get more out of your PC and protect, clean and optimize your machine for maximum productivity!

Your computer deserves the best! 
– Full performance automatically
– Maximum privacy protection
– Dispose of garbage
– Reliable warnings about system failures
– Maximum protection against failures of your system
– Fix Windows errors with just one click
– More space on your hard disks

System Maintenance
– Automatically remove Internet traces and temporary files
– Powerful disk cleaning tool with significantly improved results
– A newly developed Internet traces removal module with support for multiple users
– Updated search algorithms for all cleaning modules
– Cleaning hard drives with Drive Cleaner
– Removing traces of the Internet using Internet Clea ner
– Optimizing the Windows Registry with Registry Optimizer
– New filtering options for narrower search results
– Defragment the Windows Registry
– Optimize with one click with One-Click-Optimizer
– Defragment hard drives to improve performance
– Proactive defragmentation as a background task

File Tools
– Re-designed to improve speed
– Support for ExFat sections
– Find duplicates with Duplicate Finder
– Restore accidentally deleted files with Undeleter
– Safely and securely encrypt and split files using the file management tool
– Make deleted files unrecoverable with File Wiper
– Secure file deletion with File Wiper
– Secure deletion of files from the Recycle Bin
– Search for incorrect program shortcuts with Link Checker
– Erase and overwrite free disk space for safe deletion of file deletions
– Securely encrypt and decrypt files using File Encrypter and Decrypter
– Split large files using File Splitter

System analysis
– Support huge sized partitions
– Get detailed information about the system
– Innovative benchmark of hard disks with detailed results
– Optimal support for SSD to extend the service life
– Manage installed fonts using Font Manager
– Identify problems with hard disks using HDD Inspector
– Viewing disk usage and searching for large files using DiskSpace Explorer
– Testing system performance with System Benchmark
– Comparing the results of online testing

Improving Windows performance
– SSD master for solid-state drives
– Optimizing Internet connection with Internet Tuner
– Disabling unnecessary system services for performance improvement using Manager the Service
– Accelerate Windows startup Tuner using the startup
– View and manage the running processes using the Manager the process
– View and delete Lenie applications
Customize Windows
– Maximum privacy protection for Windows 10 thanks to the Privacy module Win10
– Save the location of icons on the desktop with Icon Saver
– Increase privacy with AntiSpy
– Configure hidden options with the tweak module
– Configure the context menu of Windows using the Context Menu Manager
– Configure file associations with using File Associator

Features repacking:
1. combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (Punsh) version
2. Does not require registration (patch)
3. Language Russian / a gliysky (deleted English-language reference)
4. Optional integration into the context menu
5. Picks up the external settings.reg file (if located next to the installer)

NCH ​​PhotoPad Image Editor Pro 4.00 Portable Multi EN Free full download

NCH ​​PhotoPad Image Editor Pro 3 download

NCH ​​PhotoPad Image Editor Pro 3 will allow you to easily change the size of the image, crop it, apply various effects, adjust the saturation and other color settings. The developers of the program very well tried to place a large number of ways and effects for image processing in a fairly small size of the program.

With the application, you can easily crop, rotate, resize images, remove the red-eye effect and other defects from photos, adjust the color, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast, apply a variety of effects (sepia, vignetting, blurring, etc.). ), add text, create collages or panoramas and much more. There is a preview function and support for almost all popular graphic formats. Edited images can then be published on Facebook, Flickr or sent by email.

Features of editing:
»» »Cropping, rotating, tilting, resizing and mirroring images
» »» Correcting photos to remove red eyes and stains
»» »Photo effects, including oil paint, cartoon, vignette, sepia and many more
» »» Improve photo quality and focus with blur, sharpening and noise reduction tools
»» »Correction of color balance, exposure, levels, brightness, contrast and more
»» »Create collages and photo mosaic with your photos
» »» Convert photos to cross-stitch embroider, draw figures, or add the effect of painting
»» »cross-linking photos to make your own panoramic images
» »» Combine multiple kspozitsy to create stunning photos of the HDR
»» »Download jpg, gif, png and other popular image formats
” “” Add text and captions to photos
»» »Add borders and borders around your photos
» »» Change the format of the image without distorting the main features, using the liquid effect size change
»» »Easily cancel, re-release and edit existing effects in the list of levels using non-destructive editing
» »» Download edited pictures directly to Facebook, Flickr or send by email

4K Stogram RePack / Portable full download

4K Stogram download

4K Stogram manager for the network Instagram which after launch will allow without experiencing problems to download and save photos of any Instagram user, you just need to specify the nickname of the user you are interested in, or you can specify a tag for searching.

With this application, you can simultaneously capture photos from several different Instagram accounts and save them on your computer. Also 4K Stogram is able to automatically save all the emerging new images of your favorite users. By entering your login you can save photos from closed accounts. You can also download videos from instagram. All this is very easy and convenient to use in the absolutely minimal interface of the program.

Main features:
· Capture photos from multiple accounts at once and save them to JPEG on your computer.
· Add your favorite photographers and upload their latest photos automatically.
· Log in with your Instagram credentials and download photos from closed friends accounts.
· Access your viewer directly from the application.
· Download Instagram video in MP4 format.
Minimalist interface of the application.
· Any photo from Instagram can be directly from the program to share on Facebook and Twitter.
Features of repackaging:
1. Combined in one distribution program installation or unpacking portable (portableapps format) version
2. Does not require registration (patch Warez_Down)
3. Interface language Russian / English (the rest are deleted)
4. Picks up user settings from the settings.reg file, if one is next to the installer